3rd CALD and Disability Symposium  – March 13, 2018

Outcomes and presentations

A big thank you to everyone that participated in the 3rd CALD and Disability Symposium. The theme of the 3rd Symposium was Navigating the NDIS Transition – challenges, opportunities and experiences of people with disability from CALD backgrounds.

The more than 50 attendees heard from guest speakers; The Hon. Katrine Hildyard MP and the Hon. Kelly Vincent MCL, Ms Esther Simbi, upper house candidate and social worker, Dr David Caudrey, Director, Disability Policy Unit, and Dwayne Cranfield CEO and Margherita Coppolino, President of NEDA who joined us from the ACT.

Participants interacted with six key organisations from the disability, carers and multicultural  sectors whose representatives shared their expertise, tips and hints, resources and supports. Many presentations are available below for others please feel free to contact the organisation directly.

  • Carers SA’s Lis Burtnik, NDIS Project Manager and Sue Newnham, Team Leader, Carer Health and Wellbeing presented on ‘Managing the challenges of navigating the NDIS: a CALD family’s experience’. For more information about Lis and Sue’s presentation and to find out more about the supports and programs of Carers SA contact Lis Burtnik on 0433757594 or at lis.burtnik@carers-sa.asn.au
  • Eugenia Tsoulis, CEO & Mirsia Bunjaku, Senior Manager at AMRC spoke about AMRC programs and in particular about the ILC project that focuses on South Australia’s new and emerging CALD communities. For more information contact the AMRC directly.
  •  NDIS Appeals Review Service at Brain Injury SA who will explain the NDIS review and appeals processes: when is a review not a review and when do you need to appeal and when your plan is just not right the things to know, what to look out for and where you can go. Access presentation click here
  • Natalie Berg from Advocacy for Disability Access and Inclusion (who also represented Jenny Hughes, CEO at Catalyst Foundation) shared tips and hints to navigate the NDIS planning, review and appeals processes. Natalie did not have a presentation but you can contact her and the team at Advocacy for Disability at (08) 8340 4450 or visit the website at www.advocacyfordisability.org.au
  • Nick Carusi, CEO at TADSA – Innovation for Independence will offer a Case in Point exploring how assistive technology or modifications to existing equipment can make a huge difference to quality of life experiences and social inclusion so you need to make sure it is included your plan. Access presentation click here
  • Shannon Taheny, Librarian at the Multicultural Library the resources and supports available through the Multicultural Library. Multicultural Library. Access presentation click here
  • Dr David Caudrey closed the Symposium with a comprehensive overview of the broader Disability sector reform agenda under the National Disability Strategy and where to after the NDIS. Access presentation click here

More information, resources and referrals will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

Maria Eliadis, Centre for Cultural Diversity in Disability

For more information contact Maria Eliadis on 0433 338 960 or via contact us