Centre for Cultural Diversity in Disability



The Centre for Cultural Diversity in Disability (CCDD) partners with people with disability and their families/carers, CALD community groups, service providers and support organisations in the disability sector.


The CCDD supports cultural diversity through:

  • Bepoke training in cultural awareness, cultural intelligence and disability
  • Collaboration and co-design of initiatives
  • Navigation support
  • Information and networking
  • The Multicultural Library with resources for working with diversity

CALD and Disability Symposium Series

As the NDIS continues to roll out across South Australia the CCDD has hosted a series of CALD and Disability Symposiums.

The Symposiums are designed to bring together people with disability from CALD backgrounds with their families, CALD community leaders and mainstream service providers affected by the NDIS to share information and experiences, and to ensure cultural diversity is recognised, respected and reflected in all community services and supports.

CCDD is an initiative of Multicultural Aged Care Inc. and was established to support people with disability from CALD backgrounds,  their families and communities to navigate the challenges and harness the opportunities of the NDIS.

3rd CALD and Disability Symposium March 13, 2018

2nd CALD and Disability Symposium November 16, 2017

Inaugural CALD and Disability Symposium July 26, 2017

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The Centre for Cultural Diversity in Disability is hosted by and operates under the auspices of Multicultural Aged Care SA